49ers Chris Culliver Being Sued For Attacking Kid With Brass Knuckles

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San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver is facing a civil lawsuit after being accused of making threats and using a racial slur towards a 15-year-old boy before he was arrested and charged with hit-and-run and possession of brass knuckles.

According to NBCBayArea.com, the boy’s family is suing Culliver, saying he struck the family’s SUV in his own car, and then called the 15-year-old boy a “low-life wetback.” Culliver is also accused of taking out brass knuckles and saying he would hurt the boy and his family if they didn’t get out of his way.

The family is demanding that Culliver pay for damages related to assault, battery and emotional distress.

The lawsuit takes personal aim at Culliver’s behavior and moralizes about societal values, decrying the “hostile” environment of football where “injury producing behavior is condoned.”

“We live in a civilized society…governed by rules” that demand the “respect for the inherent dignity of mankind,” the claim states. “Thus, we do not strike a man down and leave him for dead. Nor do we brandish brass knuckles upon 15-year-old children.”

Culliver is best known for making anti-gay comments before the Super Bowl against the Ravens.