49ers May Block Joe Montana’s Hotel Project at Stadium


The worst thing about going to a sporting event is parking, and it’s gotten so bad that the 49ers may have to snub their hall of fame QB Joe Montana. Montana had partnered with Yahoo to  build a $400 million hotel and entertainment center, but parking issues at Levi’s Stadium may see that project fold. The property where the hotel project is supposed to be built on would also house an additional 789 parking spots for fans coming to the game. Compared to the 70K+ fans that usually attend games, 789 may seem minute, but parking is always a hot commodity at any sporting event.

“Their position has been that unless we find other parking acceptable to them, they may not allow the project to go forward,” city manager Julio Fuentes told the Chronicle.

It’s parking debate is getting downright catty between the 49ers and the city of Santa Clara, where the stadium is located. The city offered almost 4000 parking spots in nearby locations that were shot down by the team for various reasons, and now the team has expressed that if Santa Clara allows Montana and Yahoo to go through with the project, 8.5 acres of suitable land must be coughed up as free parking for game patrons. A cat fight between the team and one of their most famous players would be fun to watch, but not the most ideal situation. Hopefully all parties can reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

[h/t Yahoo]