Accusations Roll After Bama RB Gets New Car (Photo)

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Oklahoma v Alabama

If you’re a college athlete, there are plenty of people who will fight for your right to make money that most people believe you have earned. Just don’t get a nice car until rules are in place for that, otherwise the entire social media universe will probably accuse you of violating NCAA rules. This is especially true if you play football in the SEC, as Alabama running back Derrick Henry quickly found out.

It all started when Henry posted this picture of his new Dodge Charger Fiona on Instagram.

What followed was a slew of accusations on Twitter. Apparently, there is no way Henry could have gotten the car without violating all sorts of NCAA rules.


Sadly, this isn’t surprising. When it comes to college football, people become irrational. Even if the topic has nothing to do with what happens on the field. I’ll give Henry the benefit of the doubt and hope he gets to enjoy his new ride.