Adrian Peterson Says McCoy Doesn’t Really Think He’s the Best RB




Early this week, LeSean McCoy of the Eagles was asked who the best running back in the NFL is and he said he was. He didn’t do it with any disrespect, however his answer made Adrian Peterson believe that he really didn’t mean it. Peterson thinks he didn’t quite say it with his chest:

“He didn’t really mean it,” Peterson said Tuesday. “If you watched his response (he didn’t mean it). I’ve got to give the young guy credit because there is nothing wrong having confidence in yourself. But, you’ve got to speak with more truth. He’s a heck of a running back and I like his style, so I won’t get on him too much.”

“(Laughing) It was funny because when Stephen A. (Smith) asked him the question, he kind of hesitated,” Peterson said. “And he didn’t believe it when he said it. I tell the youngsters, ‘Say it with your chest, like you mean it.'”

There are a couple of sneaky things that Peterson did there. He called him a youngster which is something you always do when you know in your mind that someone isn’t better than you and he dropped a “say it with your chest” which I like. Peterson has heard this before when people claimed Chris Johnson was better than him so in his mind he probably thinks McCoy is just another flash in the pan where he has been consistent besides the ACL injury.

Soon enough, the play on the field will be able to do the talking though.

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