AJ McCarron: ‘I guess teams wanted me to say I’d be mediocre’

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AJ McCarron is full of excuses on why he fell in the draft. He was just confused as to how he could possibly fall that far but then he threw Bama under the bus saying he played hurt like no one else in the country did that. Now he is upset about that reports that teams were turned off by his attitude during interviews:

“I guess when teams met with me, they wanted me to say I’ll be a third-round guy and a mediocre quarterback,” McCarron said.  “Maybe I was too honest or something. I’m an honest person and I say what I feel.  That’s how I feel about my play.  If that turns a team off, then at the end of the day, to me, they didn’t really want you.  I was myself.”

If we are being honest, McCarron was lucky to get drafted 164th. Between his very average arm and the talent at Bama elevating him, he should not be so stubborn and cocky when it comes to his place among the newest crop of NFL QBs. Maybe, just maybe these types of comments are what turned teams off.

I am sure AJ will fire off some tweets saying the media is twisting his words again though. Good luck with that.

One thought on “AJ McCarron: ‘I guess teams wanted me to say I’d be mediocre’

  • The NFL is no joke. We are dealing with very talented, athletic, and physically and mentally tough hairy ass grown men. There is talent and speed at every position on defense unlike the college game. Many QB’s have been turned to ashes in the NFL. It is a league that will humble you very fast. QB is the hardest position to play in the NFL and all of professional sports in my opinion. It takes a cerebral, humble, studious, hard working and mentally tough person to play this position. Alot of these college QBs come into the combine, interviews and the league with that BMOC SYNDROME. Then when they see what’s all involved in being a great QB and playing in the games they are overwhelmed and can’t handle it. Also the media will not give you a pass like they do in college. AJ keep your mouth shut. Please don’t send anymore tweets bro. It’s time to prove you are worthy to be an NFL QB.

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