Aldon Smith: I’m Not a Thug




Aldon Smith has been laying low since his latest run in with the police. Last month, he was arrested at LAX for saying he had a bomb. Now he is talking to CSN Bay Area and wanted to let us all know that he is a good person and not a thug:

“I feel good,” Smith told CSN Bay Area on Friday. “I’ve handled a lot of things about me, especially things that are not true. My life is good. I have a son at home. My family is doing good. I’m living day by day and enjoying life.”

“I’m a good person, and the people who know me know I’m a good person. “The 49ers have supported me,” said Smith. “As you can see, the option got picked up. And if I was a thug or something, I don’t think they’d take those chances.”

I’m not sure about your definition of thug but Aldon Smith fits mine at this point in his life. There is time for him to turn things around especially since he is talented and keeps getting chances because of that. Most people’s patience has run out on him though at this point.


  1. The writer of this article is pretty ignorant if he would describe Smith as a thug. Check the definition of a thug, you will see that it involves violence and intimidation, not bad judgement or mistakes. I sure that using your definition of thug, you would be one too. Don’t judge, lest you be judged.

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