Andrew Bogut Thinks Stephen A. is a Wanker


Stephen A. Smith says D'Antoni is done after this season.

Stephen A. calls Bogut, “Andrew Bogus” and when Bogut was asked about it here is what he had to say courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald via Larry Brown Sports.

Smith was critical of Bogut earlier this month when the 7-footer missed the last few games of his team’s playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers with a fractured rib. Smith referred to Bogut as “Andrew Bogus” and said he had no heart, also calling him the “tin man.” During an interview with Australian radio hosts Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria, Bogut was asked for his thoughts on Smith.

“He’s just a wanker, pretty much,” Bogut responded.

A fractured rib isn’t a sprain ankle and according to Bogut it was close to puncturing his lung, if that was indeed the case, Stephen A. was a bit out of line.

You can be critical of someone’s play without name calling and questioning their heart when they have a serious injury.