Anonymous Rams Player Says Sam’s Reality Show Raised Eyebrows


I am sure the anonymous Rams player is saying what a lot of people within the Rams organization is thinking.

Here is the quote via ESPN.

“Sam having a reality show does raises some eyebrows, maybe a distraction.”

I don’t like anonymous quotes if you have something to say, you have to say it with your chest. But, if you say anything about Michael Sam you get suspended, fined and reprimanded, so it is a catch-22 situation. In those instances, it is just better to not say anything.

I am not saying Sam doesn’t care about football, but that isn’t the only thing he cares about. So, when he said it was all about football and he didn’t want attention it wasn’t sincere. He cares about his brand, marketing and making some money off being a “gay” football player. I am sure he wants to help others by putting his story out there, but he needs to be more honest about his motivations, so no eyebrows will have to be raised.

One thought on “Anonymous Rams Player Says Sam’s Reality Show Raised Eyebrows

  • Yes, because being a black gay males gives you such a leg up in life! Robert, I enjoy reading your website but you starting to sound like those white conservative guys railing about “reverse racism” and affirmative action when a minority gets into college or lands a good public sector job. Look, on the Dolphins player who got fined this past weekend- if you are all for Don Sterling losing his billion dollar asset over a conversation he may have expected to be private, getting fined a couple thousand, if you are making the league minimum at least, should be a fair consequence if you want to be a meathead on Twitter. And no its not an issue of free speech. Free speech issues are that Christian women in Sudan who may be executed for her faith, or MB and secular liberal demonstrators in Egypt who are being imprisoned by the military in that country, or Russia locking up Pussy Riot.

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