Barkley Says Heat Fans Aren’t Real, Wants Bron to Go Back to Cleveland


Sir Charles

If Dan Gilbert never wrote that letter, I would say Cavs fans would have some hope, but since he did and Bron is closing in on a 3-Peat, it is highly unlikely he would entertain going back to Cleveland.

It wouldn’t matter if they got the next ten #1 one draft picks, it is my belief that ship has sailed. Charles Barkley though hopes he goes back, mainly because he doesn’t think that much of Heat fans.

“I’ve always thought he was going to go back to Cleveland,” Barkley said. “Nobody dislikes LeBron. I think LeBron made a huge mistake with that ‘Decision’ crap. He’s come back and since admitted that. That’s the only thing people hold against LeBron.

“He’s a great player, a great person. I hope he goes back to Cleveland. Those fans in Miami are not real fans, those fans in Cleveland are real fans. I’ve always hoped he would go back to Cleveland. That would be a great way to finish his career.”


  1. Chuck really needs to put a filter in his brain before he speaks. I just finished watching the OKC – Spurs game and they were interviewing Danny green and chuck seemed stoned and telling Danny to tell the spurs fans they suck too and that if they tell him in person he’ll beat that a** down and how he’ll beat them like a drum and continued to even calling them idiots.

    To me TNT need to get rid of this prick considering these comments and calling the women f and what not. And on top of that going to call heat fans not real fans?! Let me guess because we got Lebron… Lebron came to the heat the heat didn’t go to Lebron . I remember not even winning 16 games for a season. It’s all good though. We love the heat and we love LBJ and CB.

    Chuck doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying and sooner or later no one will even consider any remarks made by this “legend” because as of late he’s been talking out of his a**.

    He owes those ladies an apology and said he will apologize when hell freezes over… To me those comments are just as racist and discriminating as sterling comments. You have people committing suicide because of body features not race but yet they allow him to continue to rant about this….

    Get him out. Tired of hearing him and skip bayless speak nonsense .. Let’s talk some sensible basketball.

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