Bill Maher Says Sterling Shouldn’t Be Punished Over Private Comments (Video)


Just about everyone has weighed in on the Donald Sterling fiasco, and just about everyone, myself included, conceded in unison that he deserved to be stripped of his NBA franchise and banned from the league for the rest of his life.

Enter Bill Maher. Last night on his “Real Time” broadcast, Maher offered up some different perspective on the situation. In a very educated, well placed, rant, he disassembles some of the rage aimed at the Sterling’s, and re-frames the conversation to look at our very basic private rights.

“Last week when President Obama was asked about the Sterling episode, he said, ‘When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, just let them talk.’ But Sterling didn’t advertise,” Maher explained, “He was bugged. And while he may not be worth defending, the 4th Amendment is.”

Maher also responded to an article written by Kathleen Parker, of the Washington Post, in which she suggests that people start checking for recording devices everywhere they are and that people better start “checking their thoughts.”

“So let me get this straight, we should concede that there’s no such thing anymore as a private conversation, so therefore remember to ‘lawyer’ everything you say before you say it, and hey, speaking your mind was overrated anyway, so you won’t miss it. Well, I’ll miss it, I’ll miss it a lot.”

The clip is just over seven minutes long and in my humble opinion, is worth every second to listen to.

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