Bruins Fans Tweet Racial Slurs to P.K. Subban


He’s one of the best players on the Montreal Canadiens, and in the NHL overall, but, AGAIN, he (and the sports world in general) must put up with the bigots who call themselves sports fans.

CBS Sports is reporting that after Subban effectively put the Boston Bruins to sleep last night by scoring in double-overtime, some Bruins “fans” took it upon themselves to tweet him what they thought of his clutch, game-ending goal. See some the filth below:


– That stupid n***** doesn’t belong in hockey #whitesonly


– PK Subban = F****** N*****

– F*** PK Subban. F****** n*****. Wish he got sold

– subban is the definition of a n*****

– Someone needs to smack PK subban across his big n***** lips. #scumbag

– SUBBAN IS A F****** PORCH M*****

– F*** that stupid m***** #subban

– F*** you subban you f****** lucky ass n*****!

– Once again, Subban stop being a n*****

– N***** was trending in Boston because P.K. Subban scored… It’s a rare moment in my life to be ashamed to be a Bruins fan.

– I bet the Bruins fans calling P.K. Subban a n***** on Twitter have no idea his brother plays for their minor league team.

– the hashtag #N***** is trending in Boston after Subban’s goal. Do they tweet this after a David Ortiz HR? f*** off Boston, be better.

– N***** trending in Boston- #NHL another sport with issues

Bruins president, Cam Neely immediately released a statement upon hearing of the disrespectful comments spewed toward Subban, via the team’s website:

“The racist, classless views expressed by an ignorant group of individuals following Thursday’s game via digital media are in no way a reflection of anyone associated with the Bruins organization.”

Kudos to the classy Bruins fans who tweeted out in support of Subban. It was great to see the positivity come from such immature, vial behavior. Among those fans, shoutout to Brian Dailey, who posted one of my favorite tweets regarding the ugly situation.