Charles Barkley Confronted Over Husky Women Joke in Hotel Bar (Video)

Seems like some people in San Antonio are having a hard time letting go of the recent jokes made by Charles Barkley regarding the city’s rather husky women. Take these two guys for instance, who confront Barkley as he’s trying to enjoy a little time to himself in a bar. While one of them films, the other badgers Chuck about his comments, leading Barkley to unleash a stream of expletives, until the NBA Hall of Famer has no choice but to call his personal security guard over to intervene before things really get ugly.

You could tell Barkley was having none of it, and truth be told, for as loveable and humorous as he is on-screen, I have a feeling that if you got him angry enough, Sir Charles would mess you up. A few more minutes of their stupid line of questioning and these idiots would have found out firsthand why you don’t poke a bear like Charles Barkley.

[H/T to WOTG]

One thought on “Charles Barkley Confronted Over Husky Women Joke in Hotel Bar (Video)

  • You have a feeling Barkley will mess you up? He threw a dude through a window at a bar.

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