Columnist Complains About Gangster Rap in Pacers Locker Room

Mike Wise

I understand what Mike Wise of the Washington Post is saying, I really do.

It just came across funny him trying to express his feelings.

The locker room is a player’s sanctuary, but maybe when the media is there, they can try to be a little more understanding that their music could be offensive to some. I am not just talking about white people, but offensive to people in general. If I am trying to work, this probably isn’t what I want to hear (NSFW lyrics).

I don’t think it would hurt them to play something else when the media are allowed in. Something a little more user friendly. If they wouldn’t play that in the arena, then it shouldn’t be played when locker room is open to the media. When the media is gone, feel free to ChiRiq to LA all you want.

6 thoughts on “Columnist Complains About Gangster Rap in Pacers Locker Room

  • A whole lot of tolerant people on this board. So I guess if the KKK came out with rap songs everyone on here would allow it? Seriously think about that. Tolerance goes both ways people. Offensive material shouldn’t be allowed. Can they put nude pics of women on the walls? Why not?

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