Dana White, “MGM Promised UFC First Event in New Vegas Arena”


The MGM broke ground on a new state of the art arena yesterday. The arena is located in between the New York, New York and the Monte Carlo hotels.

Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer were both in attendance for yesterday’s ground breaking ceremony. Schaefer seemed pretty confident that Golden Boy would host the first event in the new arena, but UFC President Dana White thinks differently.

“MGM already promised me the first date,” White said with a smile. “I don’t care what Schaefer says.”

Dana went on to discuss what the new arena will mean to the UFC and the city of Las Vegas.

“It will definitely open more dates for us,” White said. “Plus, the one thing this town needed really bad was a state-of-the-art arena. … Whether it’s the Internet service or the production, all of these things are very important in putting on a world-class show, and it’s all going to change when this thing is built.

“It’s a game-changer for everybody – for the fans, for the people that are putting on the shows, and obviously for the city.”

The new arena is set to open around May 2016 which means that the UFC and Golden Boy boxing will have an opportunity to host both of their events in the opening month of the arena.

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  • Don’t expect a NBA team to move into the new arena. One more thing, UNLV desperately needs to build a state of the art football stadium. The current stadium is terrible.

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