Depressing Photos From Inside The Silverdome

Pontiac Superdome Auction

At one point, the Pontiac Silverdome was one of the coolest structures in sports. It hosted a World Cup, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and a Wrestlemania. Not to mention countless concerts. Now the abandoned stadium just looks sad with weeds growing in the turf and mold in the stadium that has a beaten down roof.

The dome is owned by an investment company who will be putting everything up for auction on Wednesday:

“Every item starts at $5. If we don’t get that, it goes in the garbage,” said Jim Passeno of RJM Auctions, which is handling the online auction that runs through May 29.

Among the 4,000 items available for bidding are pretzel warmers, a boxing ring, a Zamboni turf machine, flat-screen televisions and scoreboards. A pre-auction sale of Silverdome seats is already underway.

It is pretty sad to see the stadium in this sort of condition. Check out the photos below to see what I mean.