Dolphins Fans Disagree with Jones Suspension Over Sam Tweet



Although there seems to be overwhelming support for Michael Sam throughout the country, this support may all be smoke and mirrors. Last week when Sam was drafted, Dolphins S Don Jones tweeted his disgust. No one is certain if Jones was referring to Sam being openly gay and getting drafted or if he was commenting on Sam turning and passionately kissing his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. Either way the Dolphins organization was not pleased with Jones’ tweets and subsequently suspended Jones from all all team activities until he completed sensitivity training.

The Miami Herald decided to do an anonymous survey of local South Floridians to see how fans felt about Jones’ suspension for the anti-Sam tweet, and the results are surprising. 74% of fans disagreed with the suspension and fining compared to the mere 26% that thought it was just. There isn’t any clarification on how many people were polled, but it would appear that people are putting on a facade of support for Michael Sam in the open. However, the anonymity factor surrounding the poll allowed fans to feel comfortable expressing their true feelings.

[h/t Twitter]