Dr. Dre Wants to Buy Tom Brady’s $50 Mil Mansion


Dre, Luck

Dr. Dre, the third wealthiest man in Hip Hop ($550Million) is said to be buying something extremely lavish and of course expensive, no its not the Clippers but Tom Brady’s $50 million mansion.

The mansion, located in LA, has been on the market since March and it seems as though Dr. Dre has been actively going for it, offering $48 Million instead of the asking of $50M. Tom Brady and Giselle have had multiple offers on the house but have decided to chose Dr. Dre as the new owner. Brady is also selling his furniture with the house but Dre has told them to take it with them… he has his own furniture.

Makes you wonder if Dre is getting cozy in LA to make a go for the Clippers. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


BRady, Luck



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