Ex-Clipper Marques Johnson Tells How Sterling Treated Him After Son’s Death


It seems everyday a new Donald Sterling story surfaces, each one just as shocking as the last. Marques Johnson once played for the Clippers, and he reaffirms the ideas many people have that Sterling isn’t a very nice man. Johnson tells the story of when he was seriously injured in 1986 and then when his son died in 1987.

“A quick story — in 1986, I had what was really a career-ending neck injury and in 1987, I lost a son in a drowning accident. An intermediary told me to call Donald because he wanted to reach out and talk to me about a contract dispute [after the season]. I called Donald up and he told me he was going to ruin me, that he was going to crush me financially, and that I needed to go ahead and settle on his terms if I wanted to have any money left. He talked to me to me like I was a piece of just bat guano.”

“Donald Sterling, Shelly Sterling, they’ve got to be relieved of their duties as owners of this basketball team. You’ve got to have a complete break in order for this thing to go away.

“It’s to the point now that if you’re Adam Silver, you’ve got to get this thing away from this guy by any means necessary. I don’t care how much it costs, you’ve got to get him to sell this basketball team.”

There’s more of in the video as Johnson describes the events surrounding his time with the Clippers and having to deal with Sterling.

[h/t NBC Sports]