Ex-NFL Shaun King: Johnny Manziel Will Be A Bust


Former Tulane star and Buccaneers quarterback, Shaun King, is not a fan of Johnny Manziel at all.

The opinions on Manziel are varied depending on who you speak with.  Some experts see him as a dynamic talent who’ll one day win a Super Bowl.

Some pundits aren’t so sure.  Shaun King is one of those pundits and he doesn’t hold back in his evaluation of Manziel.  King told Newsday that he’s convinced “Manziel will be a bust in the NFL.”

“I’m telling you I think he’s going to be a bust,” said King, a former Tulane star and Bucs quarterback who is now an NFL analyst for NBC and Yahoo! Sports. “I don’t have anything against him, but I have to be honest. I don’t see how the things he does [in college] translate to the next level. How do you duplicate what he did [at A&M]? You don’t. In the NFL, that ends up being the Mark Sanchez butt fumble.”

When asked where he would draft Manziel, King stated round four at best.

“Let me go down the list of things he doesn’t do,” King said. “He’s got terrible footwork, maybe the worst of any quarterback in this class. He doesn’t throw on balance, doesn’t throw on rhythm, rarely steps into his throws. Half the time, he jumps in the air on his throws. In the NFL, everything is about precision, about timing. The margin of error is so thin, and that’s why footwork is so important.”

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  • Uhhh…. Shaun King looks like he ate manziel…
    And he (King) was a fvcking bust. He ran a spread system under rich rod. So, he doesn’t need to speak.

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