FedEx Threw Away U of L Russ Smith’s Championship Jersey


School sports rivalries can sometimes bring out the very worst in people. Louisville G Russ Smith is having some drama with Federal Express’ Memphis branch. The shipping giant has apparent misplaced Smith’s 2013 NCAA championship jersey. FedEx is claiming that the jersey was somehow thrown away, but the details of the story seem a little more odd than just that.

FedEx delivered Smith’s jersey to him in a broken glass frame, so the company requested that Smith return the frame with the jersey still inside when a claim was filed. A FedEx representative then called Smith a few days later to explain that the jersey had been thrown away. Why on earth anyone at the shipping company with throw away a customer’s package is beyond explanation, but that’s the story that FedEx is sticking to. Smith retaliated by tweeting FedEx.

A member of the Louisville Board of Trustees is attempting to place a reward for the return of the jersey, but I seriously doubt that culprit will come forward.

There hasn’t been any comment from FedEx on the situation.

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