Greg Hardy Ordered to Turn In 9 GTA Style Guns


Nicole Holder Greg Hardy


There is another twist in the Greg Hardy domestic violence case with his girlfriend Nicole Holder. Per the Charlotte Observer, Hardy has been ordered to turn over 9 guns that include a six military-type semi-automatic rifles and three .12-gauge shotguns:

As part of the agreement that allowed Hardy to be freed from jail, Mecklenburg District Judge Becky Thorne Tin ordered the All-Pro lineman Thursday to turn over any weapons he owns or has access to.

A Mecklenburg County sheriff’s spokeswoman said Hardy turned over nine guns Friday, including six military-type, semi-automatic rifles and three .12-gauge shotguns

Holder alleges that Hardy keeps a stash of 25-30 guns between his two homes. She also says that he slammed on her on a futon that had guns on it and strangled her. On the other hand, Hardy said in the 911 tape that she was the aggressor and tried to beat him with a high heel shoe.

As always we will keep you updated as more details emerge but this story continues to be a bit strange.