Greg Oden: Im One of the Biggest Busts In NBA History

Heat President Pat Riley is excited for Greg Oden.

It’s got to be tough being selected number one in the NBA draft and watching the guy picked after you win MVP as you ride the bench.

Greg Oden, who has battled injuries his entire disappointing career, spoke candidly in an interview with Grantland about his place in NBA history.

“I know I’m one of the biggest busts in NBA history and I know that it’ll only get worse as Kevin Durant continues doing big things … It’s frustrating that my body can’t do what my mind wants it to do sometimes. But worrying or complaining about it isn’t going to fix anything … I wish the circumstances would let me play more, but I certainly don’t regret coming back, and I don’t regret signing with the Heat.”

It’s always sad to see a promising career derailed by injuries, but the power now for Oden is in his fight to continue to play the game he loves.