Guys Rent RV For Derby, Find Dead Body During Ride


This sounds like a scene from the “Walking Dead.”

According to the Star Tribune, a road trip/rolling bachelor party headed towards the Kentucky Derby found an unwanted guest going along for the ride.

The groom Dan Trainor and his bachelor party found a dead body stashed in the RV as they were heading towards Churchill Downs.

he first hint of death came when one of the guys opened a front compartment on one side, then closed the door, Wanek said. That sent off the whoosh of an odd odor. When the door on the other side near the front was opened, that’s when the body was spotted, he said.

Wanek said that he saw the body from the knees down — feet bare and with pants on — and described it as a man who “didn’t look fresh. Let’s put it that way.”

He said the group didn’t press its collective curiosity. “We weren’t really too interested in poking around in there.”

Police reportedly were suspicious of the 11 man wedding party at first, Police have not identified the dead man or indicated a cause of death.

John Kirk, one of the passengers, said he and some of the others were told that the RV’s owner had cautioned that the two compartments near the front “do not work and should not be opened.”