Hibbert Says LeBron Told Him He Was Going to Pass to Bosh


Larry Bird use to do this a lot.

Tell you what he was going to do and see if you could stop him. So, it wouldn’t shock me if this conversation actually took place per Scott Agness.

My conversation with Roy Hibbert … on the final play with LeBron:

“I asked him straight up right before the play. I was like, ‘You gonna pass to Bosh?” And he said if I’m in the paint he will. We were just joking around. I thought he was going to the basket and I tried to help my teammate out and those guys covered for me.”

People have been arguing all night and morning if it was the right or wrong play to make. The reality is there is no wrong or right, LeBron made a decision no pun intended and it didn’t work out. Some will say he should have taken the shot, while others will say he should have made the pass. Just opinions, nothing more, nothing less.


One thought on “Hibbert Says LeBron Told Him He Was Going to Pass to Bosh

  • Paul George was on his hip on the non shooting side…Roy was back pedaling..Bron had daylight in the paint..elevate and take high % shot..George Hill was in the passing lane to Bosh!

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