Jags Give Suspended WR Blackmon’s Locker to a Rookie



The Jacksonville Jaguars sent a huge message to their suspended star wide receiver Justin Blackmon by giving his empty locker to rookie Stephan Morris.

Blackmon has been indefinitely suspended since week 8 of last season and there’s no timetable for his return. The Jags drafted 2 rookie WR’s in this years draft and the stripping of Blackmon’s locker is just the latest sign that

Jags owner Shad Khan shared his thoughts on Blackmon’s situation:

”I think it’s an absolute tragedy,” he said. ”I have a hard time expressing. I’m a parent myself. I met with his parents. I think he’s such a talented guy, the best years ahead of him. But after a while, it’s out of your control.”

Khan went on to say,

”The league has rules. We have to follow them. And it’s simple as that. The league, the players association, there’s a huge amount of resources. The only thing I can (say) is please take advantage of it. If you’re a player, it’s like all of this stuff is being offered to you. Take advantage of it. I think NFL players are so lucky from the viewpoint all these resources that are available to him.”

Hopefully Justin Blackmon can get his life together and contribute to a franchise, but it looks highly doubtful that the Jags will be that franchise.

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