Jalen Rose Says Larry Brown Tried to Run Him Out of the NBA (Video)



If you thought that time heals all wounds, well apparently almost 20 years isn’t time enough for Jalen Rose and some members of the Pacers team that Rose played on in 1996. Rose did an interview, which started off as a simple analysis of the NBA conference finals and quickly turned into a nasty reliving of his time with the Pacers.

According to Rose, Reggie Miller doesn’t even acknowledge him and Larry Brown used Rose’s time with the Pacers to try to run him out of the NBA. If this is true, then the drama surrounding the trio is certainly spectacular. It’s not hard to forget that when Rose entered the NBA, he was coming from the group known as the Fab Five. They were all known to be very full of themselves, and there were reports Rose’s attitude wasn’t all that great. It’s hard for someone to look at themselves and see a problem, and maybe that’s the case for Rose. Neither Brown nor Miller have commented on Rose’s accusations, but it would be definitely interesting to hear their side of the coin.


[h/t Bleacher Report, Grantland Channel]