Jarrett Jack Wants players To Boycott Until Sterling Is Gone


Cavs, Luck

The photo above is from FTW.USAToday.com and it looks like Jarrett Jack isn’t satisfied with a lifetime ban. Silver has said that 3/4 of the owners would have to agree to the removal and it has been said that Silver has almost, if not, 100% of votes to make that happen. Naturally of course we don’t expect Sterling to go away quietly, it has been said that legal action is expected.

Jarrett Jack isn’t wrong in his wants, its just going to be hard when most of the league is happy with where Silver has directed its course. While a boycott would be awesome, its unlikely to happen. When the Clippers didn’t walkout in Game 5, it made a statement to the league that they where happy with Silver and decided to dominate for fans.

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