Jeff Fisher Says It’s ‘Unlikely’ Rams Will Be On Hard Knocks

Jeff Fisher says it's unlikely to be on hard knocks.

The St. Louis Rams were able to dodge one reality show involving Michael Sam. Now, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is hoping to dodge another.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series gives fans an in-depth look at a particular team’s training camp. Being able to cover Rams training camp would create the most buzz because of Michael Sam, but Fisher doesn’t want that distraction.

“I think it’s unlikely,” Fisher told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Jim Thomas on Monday. “We are eligible, but I think it’s highly unlikely they’d ask us to do it. I think this organization has a right to go through training camp with some normalcy.”

It’s fairly easy to see where coach Fisher is coming from. This team has dealt with the Michael Sam media circus every since the second he was drafted. At some point you would like to have some normalcy and be able to focus on football.