Jets D-Coordinator Allegedly Pimp Slapped Woman at Restaurant

Dennis Thurman

The photo is inconclusive, but Dennis Thurman is under investigation for slapping a woman for not accepting his drink offer at a restaurant.

TMZ has the details.

A 28-year-old woman has filed a police report with the Morristown PD, claiming she was at the outdoor bar at Pazzo Pazzo restaurant on Wednesday afternoon when she encountered Thurman.

According to the report, 58-year-old Thurman began hitting on her and offering her drinks — but she made it clear she was not interested.

At that point, the woman claims Thurman “showed an aggressive demeanor toward her” and then “out of nowhere, Thurman slapped her across the face.”

According to the manager of the restaurant, Thurman didn’t do anything wrong.

Pazzo Pazzo manager Dennis Henry said that witnesses, including a bartender, said Thurman did not slap her.

“The allegations are actually false,” Henry said. “They had a conversation. I guess the lady, she was kind of drunk. She was pretty much the crazy person and accused him of slapping her when there were 13 witnesses including my bartender (that said it didn’t happen).”