Jim Irsay’s Divorce Finalized Gives Wife a Prius, House & Cash


Considering they had no pre-nup and had been married for 33 years, I would say this was a pretty good settlement for Jim Irsay.

Meg gets … her house in Indiana, the rights to her fitness company, a substantial cash payment (the exact amount is confidential) and TWO CARS owned by the Indianapolis Colts.

Unclear if Jim plans to buy the cars –– a 2013 Prius and a 2011 Ford Escape.

Jim gets … 100% of the Indianapolis Colts, a home in Carmel, Indiana, a vacation home, a “tennis barn” and other properties in Culver, IN … along with several bank accounts.

I am pretty sure it was a nice lump of cash, but Irsay getting to keep the Colts 100% is a win for him.