John Daly Says He’s Lost At Least $55M Gambling



Golfing bad boy and resident husky pro John Daly has never been shy about his faults and exploits. But this latest revelation from the golfer may just take the cake.

Daly loves to gamble, and has lost a lot of money doing so. Like an incredibly large sum of money. Basically Daly has lost as much money as tiny nation may have as a yearly budget. How much? The golfer estimated the insane sum of his losses in a recent interview.

“I thought it might have been $20-$25 (million) but I had no idea it was $55-$57 million,” said Daly.

I’m not sure what is more ridiculous about this, the fact that Daly thought he had lost $20-25 million and was okay with it, or the fact that he lost double that without having any clue about it.

The legend of John Daly continues to grow.


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