Judge Increases Mario Chalmers Child Support to $10k For Having a Butler


Mario Chalmers

I still can’t get over Mario Chalmers and his baby mama naming their daughter Queen Elizabeth, it is creative, but that is a conversation for another day.

Chalmers was paying $2600 a month to Brittany Burrough, but after the judge saw what Chalmers was spending his money on, he decided to increase the payment. RE-TOX.com has the details.

The judge in Chalmers’ child support case has ordered an increase in the NBA star’s monthly payments … from $2,600 to $10,000.

the judge notes Chalmers currently spends roughly $22,000 per month on housing, $10,000 per month on his personal assistant, $5,000 per month on vacations, and $1,600 per month on clothing and various other expenses.

Meanwhile, Burrough, Queen Elizabeth’s primary caregiver, lives with her sister, was recently laid off, and earns only $1,000 a month.

So basically since Chalmers was paying a butler (or I assume his personal assistant could be a woman) $120k a year, the judge felt he could pay a little more in child support.

Also, the judge ordered that back child support had to be paid from the time of the filing, so Chalmers has to hand over a check for $155k immediately. The Butler will probably get fired now.


  1. With regard to Mario Chalmers child support: Any sports star that needs to pay someone (probably a female that bedded her way into the job) $10,000.00 a month to open his mail, do his grocery shopping etc.) deserves to be hit with an outrageous child support bill!! I guess this ANOTHER perfect example of a barely functional illiterate mental midget of shooting himself in the foot AGAIN!! God bless America’s bumbling, illiterate athletes!!

  2. S. Stuart

    Please explain how this makes Chalmers illiterate. Maybe selfish or thoughtless, but how do we really get illiterate out of this?

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