Justin Bieber Goes to Church With Russell Wilson (Photo)

Russell Wilson Justin Biebs

Da Biebs had a busy weekend.

He spent most of it in Vegas with Floyd Mayweather. Had a spa day, chill with 2 Chainz and Rick Ross and saw Lil Wayne almost get beat up by Marcos Maidana.

After all that nonsense of course he had to go to church with Russell Wilson. Here are the details courtesy of TMZ.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback allowed Justin Bieber to join his entourage to pray with Pastor Judah Smith at The City Church on Sunday.

Bieber even tweeted about it … saying, “Blessed to hear one of the best @judahsmith speak today about our Lord in church today. #JesusIs.”

After services, all three guys hit up Lucky Strike Lanes and got their bowl on.

Whatever sins took place in Vegas were all forgiven.

2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Goes to Church With Russell Wilson (Photo)

  • This makes me so jealous. I wish I could go to church with Russel. I am going to be be waiting for you Russell. In the end, I will still be here.

  • I am better than Justin!!! I will still be here when he is gone!

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