Kevin Love Visits Boston To “See What It’s Like”


Read into this story what you want, because it simply could be a guy taking a trip to a city that’s foreign to him.  When you’re Kevin Love though, a visit to Boston is going to set off everyone’s radar.

Timberwolves star Kevin Love was in Boston on Friday night to “check out the city and see what it’s like,” according to Dirty Water News.  Love visited The Greatest Bar, which happens to be across the street from TD Garden, the home of the Boston Celtics. 

Right off the plane he headed to The Greatest Bar for dinner up in the mezzanine. He sat in The Greatest Bar with his to buddies for a couple hours and then Rumor has it he headed over to Rumor for a night cap!

When asked why he was in town he responded ” I’m here to just check out the city and see what it’s like”… Tomorrow (actually today as it’s 2am) he will be walking around the city checking out all the sights . We hear he is headed to Del Frisco’s in this evening (Sat. Night). Sunday he will be going to the Red Sox game.

Again it’s just a visit to a city during his down time, but with the Celtics coveting Love, the timing of the visit is definitely interesting for all involved.