Kupchak Says Lakers May Acquire Extra 1st Rd Pick



The Lakers are in a good position to add a good players in the upcoming draft. The odds are very good that they will be in the top 8 with a 21.5 percent chance that pick could move up into the top three. With the class being as deep as it is though, GM Mitch Kupchak doesn’t rule out picking up an additional 1st rounder:

“We may look to get a pick some other way because we have guys we interviewed who aren’t going to be gone before the second round, but they’ll be around after (our current pick),” Kupchak said. “You only get so many assets in this league. Draft picks are an asset. There’s cap room, draft picks and players. Those are assets you can use to rebuild a team.”

This is a smart line of thinking from the Lakers who need as much young talent on the roster as possible. Now the trick is actually having the pieces to put a trade together but Mitch has shown in the past that he has an ability to pull a deal out of nowhere so I wouldn’t count him out.

[Los Angeles Daily News]