Lady Gaga Concert & Game 6 of Pacers vs. Wizards Booked Same Day at Verizon Center


NBA playoffs or Lady Gaga? Obviously I would pick the NBA playoffs but according to Bleacher Report those who run the Verizon Center might have to make a tough decision. Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform in D.C. on May 15, the same night the Wizards will host the Pacers if a game six in the series is necessary.

“We are aware of the potential conflict and are working with the promoter in the event Game 6 is necessary, more information will be released when it becomes available,” a team-released statement said.

Based on the statement one can infer that they will most likely reschedule the concert if a game six is necessary. Gaga has a scheduled off day on May 16 which means they could probably just push the concert back one day.

It’s obvious nobody thought the Wizards would still be playing this late in the season but the way they have been playing compared to the Pacers I fully expect them to be playing at the Verizon Center on May 15. Sorry Monsters, might as well rearrange your schedules now.