Law Firms Refusing to Represent Sterling vs the NBA

Donald Sterling

A funny thing happens in America now when you are exposed as a racist for the world to see. It becomes difficult to find people to publicly help you because they don’t want to be seen as agreeing with you. Donald Sterling found this out when sponsors were jumping ship left and right following the leaked racist rant.

Now it seems like he is have problems finding a law firm to represent him in his case against the NBA:

Donald Sterling has been REJECTED by at least 8 big law firms in his quest to sue the NBA … we’re told because they think he’s toxic and would piss off their existing clients.

Multiple sources in the legal world tell TMZ … Sterling has reached out to a number of extremely large, prestigious firms, both in L.A. and San Francisco, looking for representation … but none were receptive.

Our sources say partners in the firms feel representing Sterling would alienate both their African American clients and corporate clients that are hyper-sensitive to controversy.

Remember that freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence. In a lot of ways the treatment of Donald Sterling after all of this was exposed is a swift dose of karma. These law firms know that their name will be all over the internet and papers as the firm who tried to help Donald Sterling and at the moment, his money isn’t worth that PR nightmare.