LeBron Gets His Own Samsung App


When you’re the self-proclaimed, King of the NBA, and you seem to have it all, what else could you possibly need?

Well according to Bleacher Report, King James is allowing NBA fans to get a new, up-close and personal view and his life, both on and off the court. Chief marketing officer at Samsung, Todd Pendleton released a statement regarding the release of a new app for galaxy owners:

“We are creating content and services that enhance the consumers’ experience with our products,” Todd Pendleton, the chief marketing officer at Samsung, explained in a press release. “The LeBron app is the first of its kind that allows him to connect with his fans in a unique way, and gives our Galaxy owners an exclusive, insider’s view into his world.”

Some of the features of the app are listed below:

“Athlete,” which grants users access to photos and videos of his athletic life, both when he’s preparing for games and reflecting upon his impressive performances in them.

“NBA Playoffs,” which is a statistical database for LeBron-centric stats, as well as a way to track how the Heat are performing in real-time.

“Style,” which allows you to view photos and videos of his style choices. You can also listen to “LeBron Radio,” a station that will play 60 of the combo forward’s favorite songs, the ones that are currently inspiring him during Miami’s postseason run.

“Journey,” which features his life away from basketball, including information on his family and his charitable work.


LeBron is again showing his ability to remain accessible and incredibly relevant, which will ensure his already stupendously large bankroll will continue to grow as well as his future once he’s finished playing basketball.

All young athletes should pay attention.