Magic Johnson Says if He Steals a Team It Will Be the Lakers


Magic JohnsonLast night in his first public interview with Anderson Cooper, Donald Sterling bashed Magic Johnson for sleeping around and having A.I.D.S. He also accused the Laker legend of trying to steal the Clippers from him. Magic Johnson finally responded to these outrageous allegations and made it clear that he bleeds purple and gold.

Via TMZ:

“If I’m gonna set somebody up,” Magic said … “It won’t be to buy the Clippers, that’s for sure. It’ll be to buy the Lakers!”

Of course, Magic says he’s not a crook or a thief and would NEVER do anything underhanded like steal a team … but IF he did, he’d aim WAY higher than the Red and Blue. 

“I love Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Blake … but if I’m gonna try to steal a franchise, it ain’t gonna be the Clippers.”


Funny that the Clippers have been good for all of five minutes and have a .38 winning percentage and now he thinks people want to steal his team from him. Say what you want about Magic but he is handling these constant personal attacks with dignity and poise.


  1. Simone please tell your boss Robert to publish what Magic Johnson said to TMZ. If you don’t know, here is the statement, “The black community and the Jewish community have worked well together.” Magic Johnson actually said this on TMZ Live Show. I’m not making this up.

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