Manning’s Ex-Teammate Releases App Inspired By SB Performance (Photo)


We all know how badly Peyton Manning would like to move on from his abysmal Super Bowl XLVIII outing, in which his Denver Broncos were obliterated by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8.

However, one of Manning’s ex-teammates, Brandon King, a DB with the Colts in 2010, has released a new Apple app called “Smashman”, in which a nameless QB dressed in Bronco orange (whom is sporting Peyton’s signature over-sized dome-piece) faces an almost impossible battle against a plethora of defenders (dressed in Seahawks colors), to score 44 points. One more point than the real-life Seahawks dropped on Manning and the Broncos this past February.


According to TMZ Sports, the app is blowing up, boasting more than 2,000 downloads within it’s first week of release. When asked by TMZ  why he created the app and how Manning might feel about it, King responded:

“It was the most embarrassing game I ever saw him play. I was like let me make an app where it’s almost impossible to score on a defense. I think he would probably laugh. If anyone could laugh at it, it would be him.”

For the record, at least the app provides customers with some understanding of Manning’s struggles, as no one has yet registered the 44 points required to win the game.

How ironic.