Marvin Lewis Thinks Andy Dalton Will Get Jay Cutler Money


Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals are said to be working on a contract extension. You were probably thinking he was looking at something in the neighborhood of Alex Smith’s current contract, but you would be wrong. Check out this little nugget from Don Banks’ SI column:

“I’m hopeful, you know?” he said. “I know he would like to get it done and I know we’d like to get it done, and just hopefully we can get by that deal with my man, [Jay] Cutler in Chicago [seven years $54 million guaranteed] and we can all get something everybody likes.”

Well isn’t that something? I don’t know if throwing down $54M guaranteed to a QB with a career TD/INT ratio of 33/20 is the right move. The QB market is skewed right now but not that much. Perhaps Lewis just had a little slip? Or is this really a sign of what’s to come for Dalton’s contract?