Mayweather Says He’ll Make $70 Mil From Maidana Fight


Floyd Mayweather is giving all of the haters 70 million more reasons to hate him.


Just in case you were wondering that’s a little bit over $1.9 million per minute.

One thought on “Mayweather Says He’ll Make $70 Mil From Maidana Fight

  • Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, forty six straight wins and still gets criticized by mainstream media. After Floyd beat Maidana, he was booed by the crowd. After the fight, members of the press still had something negative to say about him. Why? The answer is simple, he is black.
    There is another black athlete who has won several gold medals and titles, yet the media constantly says something bad about her. Her name is Serena Williams. No matter how much our best athletes excel in sports, we will still be insulted and berated by the press becasue our skin color isn’t white. We have pledged our allegiance to America but our contributions and accomplishments will never be good enough for America.
    If you want more information about black athletes in America, read the book, $40 million dollar slave, by William C Rhoden.

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