Mayweather vs. Maidana PPV Live Blog


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1:26AM EST: Jim Gray pushing for a rematch, Mayweather says if the fans want it they will get it.

1:16AM EST: 114-114, 117-111, 116-112…Majority Decision….Money Mayweather

12:44PM EST: A real fight has broken out between Mayweather vs. Maidana. Maidana employing a smothering offense, that has kept him in the fight so far.

12:20PM EST: Mayweather enters with Beiber, Lil Wayne and Clowns.

12:05 PM EST: Khan gives some very political reasons for wanting to fight Mayweather next.  It is likely he gets the fight to be honest.

11:58 PM EST: You saw the best of Khan and also a little of the Khan that makes him vulnerable.  He will cruise to a win, but was it enough to get the Mayweather fight? We will see soon enough.

11:48 PM EST: I thought Khan would just cruise to a win, but he is trying to close the show, knocks down Collazo twice in the 110th.

11:41PM EST: Took 8 rounds, but Collazo finally shook up Khan a bit.  Khan also had a point taken away from holding.

11:24PM EST: Khan puts Collazo down in the 4th with a pretty short right hand, but it seems like it woke Collazo up and he is now fighting more aggressively after the knockdown.

11:11PM EST: Khan vs. Collazo has started, lot of pressure on Khan to be spectacular to get a shot at Floyd Mayweather.

11:00pm EST: After saying he just beat a F*cking Mexican, Jim Gray tells Broner to keep it classy.

10:52pm EST: Broner cruises to the victory, didn’t look overly impressive, but important to get his confidence back.

10: 26PM EST: After a shaking first few round Broner has established a pretty good rhythm as we head into the 5th.

10:09pm EST: Broner comes out with Rick Ross.

9:56pm EST: 95-93, 97-92, 96-93 …..J’Leon Leon.. the 97-92 a little wide.  I had it 95-93 for Love. He keeps his money team jacket.

9:45PM EST: Video of J’Leon getting knocked down.

9:41PM EST: J’Leon vs. Periban has turned very entertaining, mainly because J’Leon isn’t that good so each of his fights turn into wars as he tries to keep his money team jacket.

9:30PM EST: Mixed chants for Maidana when he is shown on big screen and big reaction when Mayweather is shown.

8:55pm EST: DJ is playing Nelly “Country Grammar” I expect him to be fired by the end of the night.