Michael Sam Didn’t Tell Any Teams He Was Starring in Reality Show

michael sam

Michael Sam signed his deal with Oprah before the draft, but he made sure he didn’t tell any teams because he feared they may not draft him.

Sam knew that teams draft late round draft picks gay or not, based on them being focused on the field, not being the next Kardashian, so he had to keep it a secret.

Players like Johnny Manziel, AJ McCarron and others were scrutinized about how their off the field activities could be seen as a distraction. At least though with Manziel and McCarron it was out in the open, not hidden in the closet.

Michael Sam says he was living free and out in the open, but I see that only applied to his sexuality, not his word as a man.

The ironic thing is Sam isn’t much different than any straight athletes. He is looking out for himself first.  If that means lying and manipulating people and in this case not disclosing things to NFL teams so be it.

It has worked brilliantly, Oprah and ESPN got their footage, Sam got drafted and he is about to cash out regardless if he makes the team or not. He catfished many people and teams, but at least now it is all out in the open.

One thought on “Michael Sam Didn’t Tell Any Teams He Was Starring in Reality Show

  • I am not surprised by this, he’s finally being exposed for the real person he is. I have a couple of issues with Michael Sam. First, you send your own father a text message on his birthday to let him you’re gay. Regardless of how he felt about it, he owed him that respect. But he goes and have a sit down with ESPN (a bounce of people he doesn’t know) to tell millions of people he’s gay. Really? Secondly, he’s having these press conferences talking about he wished the media would look at him as a football player instead of a gay football player. Talking about the media is blowing this up…No, you are. You’re the one who told the world you were gay, not the media. Now, he’s signed to do a documentary with Oprah…well hot damn…LOL…for someone whose “supposed” to be focused on “football”…His true colors are coming out and I hope he doesn’t make the team b/c he’s not good enough. Nobody that runs a 4.94 in a 40 yard dash should make any team. All he ever wanted from jump was pitty to get drafted and make money off him being gay. Which is truly sad.

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