Michael Sam Signed Reality Show Deal With Oprah Before Draft


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For someone who says he just wanted to be treated like everyone else and  to just see him as a football player, Michael Sam sure has a lot of  extracurricular activities going on that has nothing to do with the NFL, but more to do with him being gay.

He has ESPN at his house, he is selling gear, he is talking to People magazine and now this. According to ESPN, he will be featured in a multi-part documentary on the OWN Network. For those of you who don’t know, that is owned, no pun intended by Oprah Winfrey.

I don’t have a problem with Sam trying to cash out, but don’t say you are just concentrating on being an NFL Player when you are blatantly capitalizing off the fact you are the first openly gay NFL player.

According to OutSports.com via Larry Brown Sports they were filming at the draft, so Sam has been manipulating us the whole time.

A crew from OWN was at Sam’s draft day Saturday in San Diego where ESPN broadcast him kissing his boyfriend on national TV after he was drafted. The crew will follow Sam throughout the late spring and summer as he attempts to earn a spot on the Rams roster.

That is hypocritical no matter your sexual preference.



  1. Coalblak, exactly. Which is why I’m not attacking.

    I’m not the one who has written an incredibly sus and biased paragraph or 2 about someone were the words ‘manipulated us’ is used in a sentence. I know this is no academic thesis, so I’m not questioning the poor research links because he doesn’t want to engage in discourse but for a guy who lived at one point in his mothers car, has lived most of his life with other people’s family like The Blind Side and went from midrange draft selection to bottom after he dares to come out-even his coaches said that after he spoke to the team he played his best season and got the defensive linesman award…this writer has the fair sense to write this stuff about Mike?

    “Manipulated us”

    Wooah. WOOAH.

    And Coal, I’ve searched for other stuff about Mike on this site but I’ve seen nothing about the wild campaign against him by many on the right??? All it takes is a google and twitter search. Why isn’t this site covering it?


    But yeah, this guy who wants to stop other kids from committing suicide because they are gay is manipulating us for doing a docu-series with a black woman who has spent decades trying to support the un-heard.

    I may not be gay but as a black person who also enjoys sports, thank god for Mike. I think I’ll go back to his facebook and look at all those pictures of him going every week to a local school to read to kids for poor neighborhoods.

    Yeh, this guy is soooo bad for the clean, righteous, kind, fair, equal NFL!

  2. Coalblak, I hear you if you have not been following Mike and his story. Check his instagram or Facebook-he has been taking a lot of advice from old NFL stars, so they must have advised him on this….

    I don’t for one minute believe Bragman and some gay sports activists with their own agenda are thinking of Mike. I’m real about that! So although I find those handlers questionable, I sobered up after I saw all these NFL guys tutoring him, giving him support, meeting up with him etc…

    So what have they told him?

    All I know using half a brain is that his stock went down-FACT-when he came out. Sharply.

    I know that he won best defensive linesman last year-so we can bitch and bitch as much as we like about how he isn’t that great waah-so we know he has talent.

    Winning takes guts, support, focus and more focus. Talent is like 4th, lol, I should know.

    Mike needs that x 10000 but I’m sure the advice he is been given by these guys is ‘make the most of this now, the NFL will never change’…

    Coal, just look at the amount of hate he gets-look at the messages on just normal pictures his post and stuff people are saying. It’s so ridiculous. Weird too that people are so invested in one guy….sheez.

  3. The hypocrisy of the media and human beings towards gays is overwhelming. There is no doubt about that. And there is no doubt that Mr. Sam was drafted in the 7th round because he is a GAY MAN and he had the audacity to actually come out with it with no shame. I don’t doubt that for a second. This is new territory just like it was when Black people were making their strides toward equality in the 50s and 60s. Michael Sam has every right to capitalize FINANCIALLY on this opportunity just make sure the focus stays on football and I think he will be successful. We live in an unfair world bro. Life is not fair and that doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean you have to accept it but it is what it is. If he works hard he will make it in my opinion whether he’s gay or not. I, as a heterosexual black man, have struggled with this issue from biblical stand point but I realize my job is to accept everyone for who they are and not judge. If we believe being gay is a sin then we better be just as outraged about having 6 baby momas (premarital sex), stealing, killing which by the way are all in the bible as well. So with that being said I have to treat everyone with respect whether I agree with their views or not.

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