Michael Vick: Jets Do Not Have Open Competition At QB


Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos

This is all apart of Michael Vick’s masterplan.  Vick is going to win the Jets quarterback job, and he’s going to take from Geno Smith like a thief in the night.

Vick is competing for the Jets starting quarterback job, but unlike last year in Philadelphia, it’s not an open competition.  Michael Vick is going to have to take Geno Smith’s job.

Vick alluded to that on Thursday morning when he told the media at Jets OTAs that it’s not an open competition.

“Going through the competition with Nick, we knew, both of us coming in, that it was open competition, and that the best guy was going to win the job,” Vick said Thursday. “That’s what it was. It was pretty much cut and dry.

“But this situation, it’s different, it’s kind of unique. Even though it’s not an open competition, we’re both competing every day.”

Vick is right to approach it this way and not ruffle any feathers.  If Geno Smith is better than Vick than he’ll start.  I just don’t see it working out that way.

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  1. Wah, wah, wah, Michael. Quit your whining and get serious about proving that you deserve to be the starter. You’re lucky to even be back in the NFL, so shut up and play football and let your actions on the field do the talking.

  2. there is no reason that Michael vick is still in the nfl. after the crime that he committed regarding the dogs he should still be in jail. I have no mercy for someone that has no problem injuring another life with no regard.

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