Michael Vick Says Geno Smith Is Jets Starter


Michael Vick has started his mind games with Geno Smith and it will all pay off when Rex Ryan names Vick the starter for week 1.

Most expect Vick and Geno Smith to battle it out for the right to start for Jets this season, but Vick told the Star Ledger at a recent charity event that Smith is indeed the starting quarterback for the Jets.

“Geno’s the starting quarterback for that football team,” Vick said in a brief interview this afternoon during a family fitness event at Knight’s Personal Fitness in this city’s Kensington neighborhood.

“Ultimately our goal is to try to help Geno become the best quarterback that he can be. Myself and [third-stringer Matt Simms] are all trying to put him in a position where he can get better from year one to year two.”

Say what you want about Vick, but he has this PR thing down to a science.  Vick is going to say all the right things, prop Geno Smith up and then take his position during a dazzling training camp where Vick looks all world to Jets brass.

In the meantime, he’ll make Geno Smith comfortable and provide him with the necessary tutelage to continue to improve.