Nationals Manager Involved in Hit & Run Police Chase While Doing Interview


Washington Nationals manager, Matt Williams, is one cool cat for this one.

Imagine the emotions one goes through when involved in a car accident–the adrenaline, the angst, the pure uneasiness. Now, picture the concentration it requires to give a live, professional radio interview, now, combine the two.

Apparently, that was the case this morning when Williams was rear-ended, while giving an interview to The Sports Junkies via 106.7 The Fan, according to The Bleacher Report. Astoundingly, he showed almost zero emotion, and even more impressive than that–he continued on and finished the interview as if nothing happened. 

Also according to the report, the driver who hit Williams didn’t stop. He sped off and the police were immediately in hot pursuit.

“Yeah. I’m good. There was a police car behind me and a guy in a car and he tried to get by me and he just smoked me. I’m almost to the ballpark. He tried to get out of his car and then he got around me [in his car] and now they’re chasing him.”

He then continued cooly: “So, what about baseball?”

Check out the audio below for the full experience. Wow.