NBA Investigated Twitter Threat Made To Wizards

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Twitter has been known to give people the power to make threats and say mean things behind a keyboard but lately its not being tolerated and even have been reported to authorities, especially ones making deadly threats.

The NBA has launched a full investigation into threats made via twitter towards the Washington Wizards, following their exciting first round playoff series against the Chicago Bulls. Wizards Center Marcin Gortat spoke of the incident after practice:

“One gentleman who really threatened us, actually made some terrorist threats to us. He was saying there was a bomb on the plane and stuff, that my country’s going to get bombed and all my family’s going to die, just stuff like that.”

Gortat then proceeded to add that “someone has already visited him”, while the NBA has not released any statements regarding the incident this goes to show that people can’t just keep thinking their computers are their safe haven. Authorities and the people you threat take these things seriously and have the potential to land you in some deep trouble. A “joke” is not worth your life nor that of others. Be smart behind the keyboard.