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Mikhail Prokhorov Moving Nets


All season long, has redirected to something other than the latest news and stats for the Brooklyn Nets. At one point, the site referenced Mikhail Prokhorov’s war of words with Mark Cuban, then Mikhail Prokhorov’s prostitution scandal. At one point it was sending people to vote for Knicks players in the All-Star game. Now it it presently redirecting people to 

Now it turns out that the reason some man or woman is cybersquatting, is because they are trying to shake down Mikhail Prokhorov for a seven figure payment for the site. Back in 2012, the team did say they were willing to buy the domain but just not for the amount the person wanted. 

I don’t know how long the person will keep this up but if you want to cash out, you may want to drop to a six figure settlement. Even though we know Mikhail Prokhorov has the cash to pay whatever he/she is demanding. 

Either way, it’s still pretty amusing.